To work in County Council of Värmland

When you start a new job abroad there are many things to think about:

  • Where shall you live?
  • What schools are there to choose from?
  • How is the chance for the partner to get a job in the region?

County Council of Värmland knows the importance to arrange and helping you with these things when you start a new job. 

Introduction in County Council of Värmland

Starting a new job in a different country and a different culture means a lot of new things for you. County Council of Värmland know the importance of a god introduction and integration in the organization and in the Swedish working life. We have recently started an education about these things. When you start a job in our organisation this course will be a part of your introduction.

Swedish language course

When you work in Swedish healthcare you must be able to speak and understand the Swedish language. If you are recruited via a recruitment organization abroad you'll learn Swedish through that organization. If you are recruited spontaneously you will start your employment learning Swedish. The Swedish course is varied between Swedish studies and internship in the work of healthcare.

Getting an apartment

Most of our employees rent an apartment. You will find advertising in the local newspapers or you can call local companies to ask for suitable apartments. When you have found one you sign a contract. The rent is paid one month in advance and the time of notice is usually 3 months. Normally the cost for electricity is paid separately to the electric power company every 3.rd month.

The contract of employment

The contract of employment states your salary, the time of employment, the degree of employment, conditions of employment and ruling agreements, cathegory of employment and many other things. The contract is issued in duplicates of which you sign both, keep one and give the other one to the employee to be kept in your file.