Recruiting healthstaff

We are always looking to recruit new healthstaff.

One of the biggest employers in Värmland

The County Council of Värmland runs three hospitals; Karlstad, Arvika and Torsby, with a variety of specialist clinics. Totally we employ approximately 700 doctors, 2 200 nurses and 1 200 nursing assistants. The County Council of Värmland recruits medical specialists within various fields. As one of the biggest employers in Värmland the County Council of Värmland have slightly more than 7 000 employees and run 20 healthcare centers with GPs as well as maternity and childcare.

The County Council of Värmland like many other county councils in Sweden, has a high demand of physicians and nurses. The main reason is that many will retire. Therefore many regions in Sweden are recruiting healthcare staff from other countries within EU but also from non EU countries.

Good experiences from recruiting from other countries

For some years now the County Council of Värmland has recruited physicians from other countries and our experiences are very good. Recruitment from foreign countries is by no means easy for either part. Much work has to be done from first contact to employment.

Our recruitment group in County Council of Värmland, which is responsible for the recruitment of foreign physicians, started it´s work in a more systematically manner 2011. Since then we have built up competence about laws and regulations concerning migration and authorization of doctors from abroad, educational demands that have to be met, conditions for good introduction, integration and many other things.

We also work as advisers to clinics and departments and coordinate the activities necessary for both the applicant and other actors in the recruitment process.

About the County Council of Värmland

The people in Värmland vote for the political parties whom they want to work for the County Council. The County Council of Värmlands aim is to give good health care and dental care for everyone in the county.